Sabbatics: pertaining to the Sabbath, rest

Thank you for joining me in exploring the wonder of life with Jesus our Savior, in whom we live and move and breathe…

Thank You for the Sun

…which I tend to think of as mine and here for me. An overlooked servant, I ignore it, or curse it when it’s not there, or too much there. Or bless when the wind bites but it gives hope. Or wish on when it seems so cold and distant over a frozen tundra. And thanks … Continue reading Thank You for the Sun

When Giving Thanks

When I was in the castle, I was only thankful for the trinkets from afar. When I was in the house, I was thankful for the roof. When I was in the field, I was thankful for the shade and the breeze.

Alone, Together

Somewhere deep inside my head, static crackled me out of a trance. The miles of Western Texas had lulled me to semi-comatose, and the roar of the high-warning winds left me isolated in my brain, even though I was wrapped around my husband on the back of his BMW motorcycle. His voice coming over the … Continue reading Alone, Together


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