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I’m Tonia. Jesus lover. Word dancer. Wonder seeker. Shepherd partner with my husband of a church plant and a bit of land in a corner of Louisiana.

Thank you for joining me in exploring the wonder of life with Jesus our Savior, in whom we live and move and breathe

Is It A Happy Day?

“Mommy!” toddler breath hit my face and I swam to consciousness. “Mommy! Is it a happy day?!” I opened my eyes to see their expectant ones. My twin toddler boys had padded in on footed-pajamas feet and waited for my response. There were kingdoms to build (of legos), mountains to climb (on the couch), wild … Continue reading Is It A Happy Day?

Love Anyways

A Devotional Given for PWOC Women’s Bible Study, January 2021 My friend was talking with her teenage son when he shrugged, “Yeah, when I turn 18 I’ll leave and probably won’t come back. I mean, I don’t really have anything in common with you.” These words seared my friend’s heart, though they weren’t a surprise. … Continue reading Love Anyways

Waiting for Delivery

I sat in the Ob/Gyn lobby in front of a painting of a baby wrapped in a quilt, unable to see the other happy mothers through my tears. “I just want my babies!” my heart begged the God of life. The joy of an ultrasound and hearing the gushing heartbeats of our boys crashed with … Continue reading Waiting for Delivery


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