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I’m Tonia. Jesus lover. Word dancer. Wonder seeker. Shepherd partner with my husband of a church plant and a bit of land in a corner of Louisiana.

Thank you for joining me in exploring the wonder of life with Jesus our Savior, in whom we live and move and breathe

Thank You for Surprises

Thank You, God, for surprises, starting with the fireflies that look like falling, flitting, blinking stars in the forest and summer squalls that blow up all bubbly and burst to soak the smiling farmer and the buzz of a bird that actually hums when it breezes by so closely or trees that blush red in … Continue reading Thank You for Surprises

Thank You, for the Children’s Prayers

Thank You for the children’s prayers: For the “Dear Hope-enly Father” who continues, “I hope Mommy doesn’t die. I hope Daddy doesn’t die. I hope my sisters don’t die.” May she always bring her hope-list to the Hope-enly God. And thank You for the staller who starts, “Deeeeeeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrr Goooooooooooood.” May he get another minute before … Continue reading Thank You, for the Children’s Prayers

Thank You for the Sun

…which I tend to think of as mine and here for me. An overlooked servant, I ignore it, or curse it when it’s not there, or too much there. Or bless when the wind bites but it gives hope. Or wish on when it seems so cold and distant over a frozen tundra. And thanks … Continue reading Thank You for the Sun


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